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Under normal light levels and with the right lens mounted, the speed of the auto focus system is blazingly fast, meaning you can capture even the fastest-moving subjects with ease.

Borroed from the D810 is the Group Area AF mode, which lets you assign 5 AF points that can be moved across the 51-point array as the subject demands, making it easier to track smaller moving subjects.

To cycle through the available AF Area modes, use the sub command dial instead.

In Europe there are two kits available, £2249.99 / €2679.00 with the 24-85mm VR lens, and £2249.99 / €2679.00 with the 24-120mm lens.The dial offers almost the same choices as the D610 - P, A, S, M, U1, U2, Scene, Auto and Auto with Flash Off.The U1 and U2 positions allow easy retrieval of complete sets of camera settings, a much better solution than the D810's separate Shooting Menu Banks and Custom Settings Banks.The Nikon D750 features a shooting mode dial located on the left shoulder of the camera body when viewed from behind.A centred locking pin prevents users from inadvertently changing the shooting mode.

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The Nikon D750 has a very similar external design to the cheaper D610 model, feeling very well made and significantly smaller and lighter (just 750g) than the D810 camera that sits above it in the ever-expanding Nikon DSLR range.