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In the marine sequence of the Caspian basin the Khvalynean layers occur above the Late Khazarian ones (dated to the last interglacial) and below the New Caspian (Holocene) deposits.They are separated from the Lower Khazarian series by continental Atelian layers synchronous to marine sediments of the Atelian regressive basin.At the first stage, we searched for extreme hydro-climatic events through the last 18-20 thousand years, first of all, for most striking ones, such as marine transgressions in the Pontian and Caspian basins; our attention was focussed on possible sources of water for those events, such as overfloods in river valleys and relict permafrost thawing on watersheds.The second stage included chronocorrelation of the events using stratigraphic and geomorphologic facts, and available radiocarbon dates.

Judging from the sediment geochemistry and composition of authigenic minerals, the Khvalynean transgression is more likely to develop in a rather arid climate, than in wetter one.The Khvalynean sediments are divided into three parts: Lower, Middle and Upper Khvalynean.The Lower Khvalynean occur at the base of the marine series on the Atelian loams and are overlain by Elton continental sediments.The work has been aimed at the search for events which are not unlike in dimensions and age to the Noahs Deluge retained in human memory.Long-term field investigations and laboratory works in the Black Sea — Caspian region and its drainage basin within Eastern Europe provided a factual basis for the work.

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Locally the clays are interlayered with greenish-gray and dark gray clays, thinly laminated (1—2 cm).

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