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Upon finishing high school, she went to college, graduating with full honors from Louisiana State University with a triple major in Sociology, Criminology, and psychology.

She had earned her Master's degree from Georgia State University in Criminology and Forensic Science.

Her neck choker appears to be one of her favorite pieces of jewelry.

While some of the tattoos are Perrette's and real, others are makeup, such as the large cross on her back applied on occasions when Perrette shows her bare back on camera.

It is about an incident that occurred in Cottage Grove Minnesota on Wednesday.

She wears pigtailed dyed hair (due to Perrette's hair being dyed as she is a natural blonde) and has at least nine tattoos on her neck, arms, back, ankle, and other places.During her youth, Abby moved and got a chance to experience most of the southern United States.At the age of ten, she learnt how to drive a manual transmission.A while after, Abby joined Naval Criminal Investigative Service.Abby made her debut appearance in the JAG Season 8/NCIS backdoor pilot episode, Ice Queen (episode).

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Once back outside, he returned the car to the garage and fled the premises.