Accommodating colorblind computer users

Posted by / 04-Apr-2017 18:16

Experimental results with more than 60,000 images and 20 anonymous colorblind users demonstrate the effectiveness and usefulness of the proposed scheme. Color vision deficiencies (CVDs) cause problems in situations where people need to differentiate the colors used in digital displays.

Based on the measured accessibility scores, different reranking methods can be performed to prioritize the images with high accessibilities.

Experimental results are illustrated to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed re-coloring algorithm.

1 Citation Context ...process is very computational demanding and can only handle a small number of key colors (usually no more than 10).

Current solutions to this problem can adapt colors based on standard simulations of CVD, but these models cover only a fraction of the ways in which color perception can vary.

To improve the specificity and accuracy of these approaches, we have developed the first ever individualized model of color differentiation (ICD).

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The model is based on a short calibration performed by a particular user for a particular display, and so automatically covers all aspects of the user’s ability to see and differentiate colors in an environment.

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