Ailee wheesung dating

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Ailee wheesung dating

They didn't understand how the two of them could just continue playing their stupid game of cat and mouse, the both of them switching roles constantly.It was like watching your favorite tv show wiffle-waffling between Shipping A and Shipping B, oh look, Shipping C appears.From the first meeting to the most recent one and all those sprinkled in between. This day was supposed to be the exam day, to determine Hyunchul whether he could become an explorer or not. An Ailee/Dongwoo fanfic about real moments with my writing about what could have happened!She's had her fair share of romantic episodes, which, more often than not, have ended badly, so she decided to take a break from all that and focus on her school work and her iminent singing career.No more girls, relationships, dating, not even flirting.

A story that I wrote based on some personal experiences.

Will the two fall in love as their mothers has hoped for?

~Life is not only a matter of the beat of heart~ eyesmilebanana A story about a girl who was heartbroken and a guy who was so eager to get a better life.

After all, he's an Inheritor, and only In Two mothers, best friends since middle school, made a deal with each other that in the future they will try to be inlaws.

Their two kids grow up together, close as brother and sister.

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She won her first central for this description on Behalf 7 on Show Link.