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Alliancedating language fr

But the French and British had already expressed reservations about them, and, in many cases, the vague Wilsonian principles lent themselves to varying interpretations when applied to complex realities.Nevertheless, Wilson anticipated the peace conference with high hopes that his principles would prevail, either because of their popularity with common people everywhere, or because U. financial leverage would oblige European statesmen to follow his lead.“Tell me what is right,” he instructed his delegation on the en route to Paris, “and I will fight for it.” Unique among the victor powers, the United States would not ask any territorial gains or reparations and would thereby be free to stand proudly as the conference’s conscience and honest broker.

This last idea, developed by the American League to Enforce Peace (founded in 1915), found expression in the Fourteen Points as “a general association of nations” and was to be the cornerstone of Wilson’s edifice.Ethnic hatreds and rivalries could not be expunged at a stroke, and their persistence hindered the effort to draw or redraw dozens of boundaries, including those of the successor states emerging from the Habsburg empire.In the colonial world the war among the imperial powers gave a strong impetus to nationalist movements.Central and eastern Europe were in a turmoil in the wake of the France, Belgium, and Poland in ruin.The war had cost millions of dead and wounded and more than 6,000,000,000 in direct costs and property losses.

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The war also weakened the European powers vis-à-vis the United States and Japan, destroyed the prewar monetary stability, and disrupted trade and manufactures.