Aqueduct lime scale dating

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Aqueduct lime scale dating

A process called lime softening is used to reduce the calcium hardness. Softened water does not deposit as much calcium scale on household plumbing fixtures and cooking utensils and allows shampoo, laundry detergent and other soaps to lather better.

The softened water is then piped to “dual media filters”: layers of anthracite and fine sand, a copy of the process that Mother Nature uses to filter water.

Strong laws and regulations protect FKAA’s wellfield from potential contaminating land uses. Robert Dean Water Treatment Plant is staffed by state licensed personnel and it is home to one of our two nationally certified water testing laboratories.

The water taken from the ground at the well field is classified as very hard due to the relatively high concentration of calcium in the water. This raises the p H, thereby causing the calcium to precipitate to the bottom of the treatment unit leaving softened water for use by customers.

A disinfectant is then added to prevent any bacteria growth the water could pick up on its journey from Florida City to Key West.

Chlorine and ammonia are combined into the water to form Chloramines, a long lasting disinfectant without the objectionable taste and odor of regular chlorine.

The FKAA is the sole provider of potable water for all of the residents of the Florida Keys and presently serves over 44,000 customers within Monroe County.Both effects will reduce the pipe's overall thermal efficiency when used as a heat exchanger.Calcium cations from hard water can also combine with soap, which would dissolve in soft water.Hard water contains calcium (and often magnesium) bicarbonate or similar ions.Calcium salts, such as calcium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate are both more soluble in hot water than cold water.

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Fluoride, which is recommended for drinking water by the American Dental Association to prevent cavities and strengthen bones is then added.

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