Bicurious women dating

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I agree with you...i'd like to find someone i can call up and shoot the breeze with..go out for a nite on the town...someone to have REAL fun with..whatever happens happens..that's my personal opinion LOL oh my gosh if a woman stuck her tongue down my throat I'd biatch slap her into tomorrow in a heartbeat the same way I would a guy LOL!Mind you, I guess you were friends so it wasn't like a major shock...Unless that was invited, I would consider that a violation.I have literally forced myself to visualize what it would be like share myself with a woman sexually and the whole idea repulses me. The strap on idea really makes me ill..I'm not sure why, there is something very off about it for me.anyways it felt like i was touching myself, except my p*ssy was asleep and numb and i couldnt feel it. Girl and girl, its less, however it is different, just softer.Some bi-curious gals go into action for the 1st time, not knowing how dirty and incredibly (ear waxy) tasting the inner (down below) area can be for oral pleasure. Every two seconds it's "tastes good, tastes horrible, tastes good, tastes horrible.Lesbiens usually think a females body is more attractive then a mans, Bisexuals generally 'can deal with it', and don't mind it at all. Answer those questions to find out if your Bi-sexual, or Lesbien.write up.heheh, my kind of woman.Really just ask yourself:::: do I find men attractive? Ladies and gentlemen, there you will have a real woman, who has touched on the experiences to know what she is talking about.taste, and definatly smell...woman is far more potent then the man.

I can appreciate a woman's beauty but it doesn't work on the same level as it does for a male.Average wemons bodies, hardly require the effort of an average mans body. (beats chest like Kingkong)Nay, me galfriend says, gal vs gal is nice/ different, but its not enough, she preferes the male type, simply because we can do everything.Remember, there is a fine line between bisexualism, and lesbiesm.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... So I said "go for it"...grabbed me and laid one on me....... however, my ex cheated on my with so many girls that i would have been attracted to, (now i wwish to see them all melting from an acid overdose.physically, just metally, so a little bit of drool pools at ther mouths for the rest of there lives....) has he runied everything for me???Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. My non-jealous ways have gotten me into trouble too many times.

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If anything I fantasize about many many males with me at the same time but a woman never enters into the equation.

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