Blinded by science in the online dating game dating for adults

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Blinded by science in the online dating game

Mr Kamal had the visor of his helmet up at the time and suffered grievous injuries as the suspects “repeatedly” doused him in acid.Half an hour later, a second man – also a 32-year-old delivery driver – was attacked by two men trying to steal his moped in Tottenham.'They will remain bandaged for a couple of days and then the doctors will give us some statement,' Wylie said.The accident occurred Tuesday morning when students were arranging chemicals in a laboratory when water accidentally mixed with a vial of sodium metal. Chittilla told the newspaper his only thought was getting the vial out of the classroom.A woman was nearly blinded by a Christmas card when a piece of glitter worked its way into her eyeball.The 49-year-old attended the ophthalmology department of Singleton Hospital in Swansea suffering from a painful, reddened eye, loss of vision and swollen eyelid.Both suspects were detained on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and have been released under investigation.Detective Chief Inspector Gordon Henderson said: “This attack has left a man fighting for his life and with terrible eye injuries.

Investigators have warned corrosive substances are being used as an alternative weapon by robbers, who have also used them on pedestrians to steal phones.

The Durham Morning Herald reported Thursday doctors have told Chittilla he has been blinded and they are not sure if he will regain his sight.

George Wylie, assistant superintendent for city schools, said the medical center has not released any word about Chittilla's eyes.

Acid attacks have contributed to a rise in violent crime across England and Wales in the past year, with recorded offences up by 13 per cent and knife crime up by more than a quarter.

The Government has responded with stricter controls on the sale of acid and a law making it illegal to carry acid in a public place without a good reason.

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“Your phone call could save some other innocent person; it is imperative that we arrest those responsible.” Police said the suspects who attacked Mr Kamal fled on their moped, leaving his behind. Paramedics used water to wash off the acid at the scene but Mr Kamal had already inhaled the substance and is in a critical condition.

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