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Bungie games always updating

Because of this, take those timings with a pinch of salt should Bungie encounter any problems and where necessary refer to the Bungie Help Twitter account.

They announced that they will be removing the element from the armor piece, while leaving the armor itself intact, presumably in the update.The 343 Community contingent has been planet hopping like nobody’s business, but news and fun tidbits are starting to pile up a bit, so it’s high time we cleared out the queue and caught you up on a few things. The Universe section is the official destination for the latest info on the characters, weapons, locations, and more from the Halo fiction.Whether a new fan or long-time lore lover, there’s always something to explore.Destiny 2 Servers should be back up and running at 12 PM PDT, which is 8PM GMT in the UK.However, as with past weeks, it's always possible that the PS4, Xbox One and PC maintenance could be extended further by Bungie. The game has now gone offline for players attempting to log on, and is scheduled to be down until 8pm BST for UK players.

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So stay tuned for updates and refresh the page for the most recent news.