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Californians dating sites

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your maybe coming over to your lovely state in the coming months september -april, any tips where to stay, what to see, when to come (now would be good its bloody raining here lol ) and any good places to go bearing in mind im 44 going on 19 California is about the size of all Europe put together. If you are a nature lover then I recommend visiting Yosemite park and the beaches in northern California.If you like sports the LA Galaxy has Beckham,plenty of American football games every Sunday.Bishop, Mono Lake, Mammoth, If youre in to aviation youcan look in to Edwards AFB and Mojave area and see if there are museums, for the public. Laughlin is where lots and lots of SO Californians go on the weekends for boating and water sports.Go see a TV show in person, Tonight show wiht Leno is popular, go to Venice Beach and watch the wild and crazy people...soaking up the sun and savoring life to the max!!Thankyou very much for the suggestions, especially daisy, i was thinking of either going to to the bay area around san francisco or being more ambitious and driving the coast road from La to San Francisco , again thankyou and yes i do need to update /fillout my profile btw just as a matter of interest have any of you been to the UKJust stay as far West and North as you can. But Starting in San Diego and driving the whole coast gives you a lot to see. But come back south down I 5 and see Shasta, Sacramento, Go out to Angels Camp, and a ton of other stuff. H2O, the wet stuff, silvery liquid, not a gas, not a solid, something in between, slippery and cool and splashy stuff!! Well...unless all your testimonials were fakes and you paid those fishiesl to write about you the way I paid them to write about me.La Jolla in San Diego, Laguna Beach in Orange County (others in between) shouldn't be missed. and all the way up threw Santa Barbara, Carmel, Santa Cruz, San Fran... If you like Mountains and desert, Go over to Tahoe, and head south go thru Death Valley and take a detour over to Vegas. hehheheh check out the tripadvisor web site for California.there are all kinds of weekends events, fairs, concerts, performances just check the newspapers and online. He asked about CALIFORNIA and you tell him to stay far "west and North" as you can then you state that means Beverly Hills, and Hollywood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IF youre really nice maybe well even have a good earthquake for ya!! Good lord man, look at a MAP, get in your car and take a vacation.

beaches, desert, mountians, Lake Shasta and lava beds, Skunk Railroad, Salton Sea, Death Valley (youll be here a good time to go see that). Joshua Tree National Park, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento capitol is pretty at Xmas with the Xmas tree, Old town town is Sutter Fort an old mining fort.There is Surfing, Skiing, Wine Tasting, Amusement parks, The best beaches in the world (some anyway) best weather. I have been to England a half dozen times, from London to Lands End, Brighton, Bognor Regis, Gloucester, up to Birmingham- to the Belfry for the Riders Cup. If you read everything there you will get alot of really good info!Check out the Mohave Desert and the Palm Springs area while you are here. As a Brit now living in CA I agree with Jack and Lost - drive down the coast - it is truly amazing.....Oh my from Sacramento up to Oregon is Incredible..kinds of little windy roads to enjoy, Redwood Forest, San Fran, Ghost Towns...Calico Ghost Town is a good one (on the way to Vegas), whale watching near Ventura (I think youll be here right time of year), Santa Barbara, Hearst Castle and the entire Gold Coast, Solvang, the California Missions that go up the length of the state..of history in each of them.

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