Chameleon dating

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Chameleon dating

Multi Domain License - 7 May be used on up to 5 domains. Multi Domain License Unique Design - 7 May be used on up to 5 domains.A unique design is made by the designers of the company. Chameleon comes with 1 default template in its package.Those are called “Widgets”, are being enabled in the “Widgets” submenu.There are actually 5 widgets in Chameleon – My Friends’ Statuses, My Friends Online (), Calendar, My Photos Comments, My Friend’s New Blogs.Let’s get acquainted with the license types: Single Domain License - 7 May be used on one domain. Single Domain License Unique Design - 7 May be used on one domain.A unique design is made by the designers of the company.

Just above the picture placeholder there’s a line saying “Your status here…”.The web-site says that Chameleon is a new era in social networking. Chameleon comes for one time fee, includes all the features which the company created, free installation done by the specialists of the company, lifetime free 24/7 support and updates. If the license files weren’t encrypted, anybody would be able to purchase the license for one domain name and install it on so many domains as wished. Usually all hosting companies open those ports if you take a dedicated IP.So, it is not a problem to find a compatible hosting for Chameleon.But at the moment I’ve clicked on “Exit” to show you the homepage of Chameleon default template and register a new account to show how it works: As you can see, the design looks almost the same as the New Age template of Able Dating. After the main page registration part you get the following page: State/Province already contains the list of the states of the country which you’ve chosen at the first step (in my case it is United States). The third step of registration is asking you to upload a photo.However, it is created in more professional manner and is more attractive, the input fields are custom styled which is good as well. After you chose the state, the list of the cities in that state is being loaded. You can do it or skip that step, in case you don’t want to upload a photo yet: Also, and I like this very much, Chameleon has CAPTCHA integrated which will prevent bot registrations.

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