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China popular dating show

READ: Getting the Last Laugh on Graft With 'The Name of the People' While wagering one’s relationship prospects entirely on chance might seem unusual, the show has a fairly high success rate.Parental approval makes a great relationship all the better, and the particular brand of matchmaking offered by continues to air every Saturday night on Dragon Television (Beijing time), and anyone hoping to date in China would do well to watch the show, at least to learn what to expect from their potential partner’s parents.which aired its first episode on Christmas Eve 2016.The show’s gimmick puts the burden of choosing a partner not on potential suitors, but on their parents.

Then on the third episode, a female contestant fails to even attract the approval of three families at the start when it becomes clear that her reported age of 26 was a bit of an underestimate.This idiom describes a pairing in which the husband and wife come from similar financial and social backgrounds, and is generally seen to be the best type of marriage.Filial Piety Filial piety is a major facet of Chinese society.I personally didn’t care for her overly-cutesy language and unsubtle name-dropping even before her age came to light, so I think it was a combination of all three. The word “dowry” might have been a bit more up front.Two of the fathers on the same episode then spent a great deal of time talking with another male contestant not about his suitability for their respective daughters, but rather how they could join his business and who would be the more beneficial partner for him.

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