Christian dating pitfalls

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Christian dating pitfalls

And coming from a woman who adores a splendidly romantic read, I’ve had to do some self-reflection a time or two, which led to the discovery of four potential pitfalls of Christian romance novels: 1. There's a small lake near my house where people of all sorts walk around—especially moms. More like Hearing such juicy details wouldn’t normally give me pause.

But in light of my latest romantic read, and the subtle discontent it has created within my own marriage, I wondered if they, too, were in the middle of their own provocative read back at home.

When two single Christians find a spiritual connection, they realize a support and source of strength only possible when two or more gather in Jesus' name.

Throughout the search for dating companionship, Christian singles share in one powerful tactic.

For those divorced or widowed, the prospect of “getting back out there” is intimidating to say the least.

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned to some and offensive to others, psychologist Juli Slattery identifies a woman as having five desires: to escape reality, be cherished by a man, be protected by a strong man, to rescue a man, and to feel sexually alive.

Like Margaret, whether we grew up transfixed by the dating lives of our older sisters or glued to all-things-Cinderella, many of us can’t survive a day without a drama fix.

Some christian singles are happy to partner up with singles outside of the church, but for many Christians, finding someone who shares their faith is vital in building a strong foundation for a healthy relationship.These books have been carefully selected from many writings on the topic, to point families to the resources that are solidly biblical in their approach to boy-girl relationships and which will help them prepare for a long and solid marriage.In that regard, they differ little from the general dating population.We want to spare our children the pitfalls of the modern dating tradition, but often don’t know how to explain to them how courtship works!What’s vitally important is not which – but rather, to not opt for Pharisaical rules but find Biblical principles.

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If that’s the case, then their negativity stood in stark contrast to the fairytale wording found in the books dog-eared on their nightstands: And when a woman is caught between fairytale longings and today’s realities, it helps to let things go.