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For an adventure-packed two weeks, we tour the world-famous historic highlights, like the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, now symbols of the country's mystery and glory, the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, which allows incredible opportunities for close-up exploration inside pyramid tombs, the colossal, 1,500-year-old Karnak Temple, with its tremendous pylon gateway near the Avenue of 1,000 Sphinxes that originally ran all the way to Luxor Temple, and the bounties of the world's longest river; the Nile.

Bewitching desertscapes and lush oases serve as the backdrops to some of the most memorable sceneries on the planet as we spend time marveling at the architectural and engineering genius of an ancient civilization light-years ahead of its time.

We also enjoyed the day to day life of Egypt that we experienced in the markets, cafes and camel and donkey rides. In reading my survey results you can see that we were extremely happy with the products and services of AA. I am very thankful that I chose this tour for it was everything that I expected and more.

Donkey-rides on stony pathways, camel treks through the desert and street tours by horse-drawn carriage add an element of authenticity to the experience as we explore the ancient past and contemporary faces of this first-rate destination. We got to see all of the most famous and important ones. He offered his personal life experiences so we felt connected to the people of Egypt. The variety of transportation was exciting and all went as smooth as silk. The hotel locations, services and staff were very very good. Exceeded our expectations, whether in terms of service, hotels, trip planning, and specifically the tireless efforts and professionalism of our great tour leader. I must give [Tour Leader] Jonathan Hodgson credit where credit is due. This trip was in the planning for many years and for some reason or another the timing was not right until now.Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), before any applicable taxes.The pricing reflects twin-sharing, per-person costs without airfare to/from the tour; however, we can book flights from your home airport for an added cost. A country of mythological proportion and one whose ancient civilization dates back as far as any that the world has seen, Egypt is a land of mystical beauty and incomparable legacy.[and] less likely to end in separation or divorce than marriages than began in an off-line venue.” Of course, while a faith-based partnership and a shared belief in God’s teachings can lead to much spiritual comfort, to truly work towards a future with someone you need to be able to connect with them on every level.That means there are many other factors at play that are crucial for relationship success: your respective locations in Canada, your individual personalities, your lifestyles and your future goals.

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