Colorguard dating drummers

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Colorguard dating drummers

Despite the fact that they hold themselves above the rest of the band, the drummers are usually quite friendly with the colorguard…probably because they end up dating...

Well, not all of the percussion…there are quite a few girls in this section as well.

It's generally a male-dominated section, but there are always a few girls daring enough to brave the extreme testosterone and idiocy to join the drumline/pit (kudos to you!! Stupid things that you wouldn't expect someone to the homemade taser-Go commando under the band uniform (others outside of the percussion have done this as well…)-Molest stuffed animals (okay, so maybe I exaggerate…)-Throw candy out the window of the band bus at passing cars Overall, the percussion is by far one of the most…interesting…sections in the band.

The drummers have their own little cult that is beyond anything else in the band, and probably anything in this world...

In the drumline, you have three main marching drums; the bass, the tenor, and the snare.

The basses vary in size; unless I'm mistaken, there are seven different sizes, with each making a progressively lower sound. They consist of four to six drums that are placed together in a frame. The snares are the lightest of the drums to march with, but one of the hardest to play.

She took dance lessons from age 4 until she was 17, and she excelled in tap, jazz, ballet and modern dance.

She joined band in middle school and played the flute from sixth to tenth grade.

To all you percussionists out there, never stop banging! Also, respect the pit for its incredibly repetitive warm ups..players don't even have to play them to get sick of them.As for those in the pit, they are all--as drummers tend to be--completely insane.Ways the pit can make your life miserable:-Stand in the shade practicing their music while the rest of the band is marching in the hot sun (this can sometimes apply to the drumline as well)-Find a way to convince the band director that they need "help" carrying their instruments back to storage-Block the only entrance to the band field taking their instruments back to storage-Move Oy..should be interesting...The drumline is the superglue that holds the band together..insane, special in SO many different ways superglue. The band would get out of step, screw up the tempo, phase, and so on.

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