Cpanel quota not updating

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Type a numeric value in the text field, and select a disk space limit unit from the drop-down list.

Authorized administrators can use decimal values (for example, 20.5 MB).

The value entered cannot exceed the maximum capacity of the volume.

That jailshell error is related to having enabled ssh access for specific user accounts.

Authorized administrators can determine the status of disk quotas in the Properties dialog box for a disk by checking the traffic light icon and reading the status message to its right.

The traffic light colors and the status they indicate are as follows: dialog box to monitor usage for all users who have copied, saved, or taken ownership of files and folders on the volume.

When the Log event when a user exceeds their warning level option is selected, an event is written to the Windows system log on the computer running disk quotas whenever users exceed their quota warning level.

Unless a trigger is set to do so, users are not warned of this event.

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This is the job: Is there anything in there that is keeping the quotas from updating?

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