Darkcavern chat alternative

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Darkcavern chat alternative

I went out and waited about fifty yards from her car, off in the side of the lot, nearly hiding in the bushes.I dressed completely in black usually, so no one cared when I was wearing black jeans and a black hooded sweat-shirt, it worked as no one that left seemed to notice me.I let go of her mouth so I could push her pants and underwear down to her ankles, and after pushing her to her knees in the backseat, wrenched a shoe off and took one leg free of her clothes.I looked at her ass and her furry snatch before climbing in after her.The street light was behind me, and I hoped it shadowed my face enough to conceal my identity. Please." I figure she had worked the gag loose, and I at least owed her this favor.I pumped her pussy for a few more minutes, and then I heard. I pulled out from her, but I still wanted to be inside her body when I came.I thought she was wonderful, tangled black hair, olive skin, natural smell and all.

I clamped my hand over her mouth and my other arm around her waist. I undid her pants first, and wrenched my hand down the front of her panties.

I started slowly pumping in an out of her, not pausing to think about how wet her pussy already was.

She was tight, like a vice wrapped in hot latex on my dick, it felt more incredible the deeper I got into her.

The more I pushed though, the louder her moans got.

By the time my stomach was flush with her ass, and my cock was throbbing deep inside her, she was nearly screaming again.

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She struggled and tried to clench her legs shut, preventing me access to her bush.