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Production ended around 1985 and the earlier models have the initials "KM" impressed on the dog's underside. This large Frenchie by B&G is believed to have been designed by Dahl Jensen before he opened his own factory.

The mark is typical of the Danish manufacturers and note that engraved on the dog's left paw is an overlapping monogram "DJ." (B&G 2000)Great Danes: French Bulldog Collectibles from Denmark "Article by Gary Bachman reprinted with permission from Just Frenchies magazine, Volume 3, Number 2 Spring 2005." Danish porcelain Frenchies have a unique look and reflect a sensibility quite different from the German and other European models.

Thanks to Jan Grebe, Franoise and Jean-Pierre Girard, Stuart King and 2 private collectors for images from their collections.

Whether the Frenchie in your life is wearing a badger collar and snoozing by your side or gaiting next to you in the Group ring on the way to Best in Show, you will delight in this extravagant celebration of a breed that has captured the hearts and imaginations of dog lovers the world over.

Additionally, there were 5 other artists who made Frenchie models.

The following survey illustrates all of the recorded French Bulldogs by the Danish factories.

It is worthwhile to note that many have been out of production for decades and are now quite scarce.

Knud Moller designed a small French Bulldog for Royal Copenhagen in 1913.

Sophus Jensen-Kromand, who worked for B&G from 1910-47, created a very remarkable pair of bookends.

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