Dating break up depression

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Dating break up depression

It's important to not take everything he says or does personally.

Also, if he just doesn't want to see you sometimes, don't think it means he doesn't love you.

Until you meet someone who legitimately suffers from depression, you don’t realize how crippling it can be.

No one can understand how much depression can negatively affect your life unless you suffer from it yourself or one of your loved ones does.

Source: Shutter Stock Again, his depression isn't your fault - meaning his happiness is not your responsibility.

When I was dating my ex, all I cared about was making him happy.

I spent so much time obsessing over why he was depressed when what I really needed to do was realize that I would probably never understand. Thinking about this can make you feel crazy, angry, bitter and sad.

Be there for him the way he needs you to, not the way you want to.I’m not trying to play the victim here or act like I had it harder than he did and still does.But honestly, having a depressed boyfriend (or even just a friend) is extremely difficult.Source: Shutter Stock Depression can make people say really nasty things that they don't actually mean.People who are depressed usually end up lashing out at those closest to them, like their girlfriend.

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So if you’re dating someone who is depressed or even if it’s your BFF who is having issues, here are 10 tips on how to deal. The most important thing you need to remember is that your boyfriend's depression is not your fault. It is not caused by one person or thing - it's a chemical imbalance.

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