Dating maps globes

Posted by / 26-Dec-2017 06:40

The Bn F map collections include more than 800.000 documents, dating from the 13th to the 21st century : atlases, topographical and geological series, thematic maps, hydrographic data, city maps, globes...

The Department of Maps and Plans is located in Room R (Research Library - Rez-de-jardin level) at François-Mitterrand Library until the reopening of its renovated spaces at Richelieu Library, planned for 2020.

It succeeds in presenting a more accurate view of the poles, but at the cost of misshapen continents and bent meridians.You can for exemple consult: Among the collections of scanned maps, two outstanding sets are more particularly depicted in Gallica digital library: Maps of France and sea charts on parchment.The first one gives structured access to the maps of France and is dedicated to the representation of French territories since the Renaissance.The Robinson isn’t as extreme, however, taking the form of a much more gentle oval.The map was an attempt at a compromise between distorting the areas of continents and the angles of coordinate line.

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