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The report, titled “The safest (and most dangerous) states for online dating,” showed that states with higher crime rates and more STDs ranked lower on the list, while states in the inverse ranked higher. According to, a home safety and security website, it might not be – depending on where you live and your definition of “unsafe.” In a report published by the company and co-sponsored by, states were ranked on how safe they were to date online by comparing cybercrime data from the U. Department of Justice, crime statistics from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report and sexually transmitted disease rates compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Ok Cupid,, Grindr, or Christian Mingle, host millions of users all looking to meet that special someone.

But it doesn’t necessarily rise to any sort of alarming level.” Even officers at local colleges, like Gonzaga University or Eastern Washington University, haven’t noticed anything particularly “unsafe” about online dating.

Spokane resident Megan Mc Lean met a guy on Tinder a few years ago and decided to join him for drinks at a downtown Spokane watering hole.

When he showed up 30 minutes late and clearly drunk, she started to get bad vibes, but as an optimist, “decided to go through with the drinks anyway.” “As we began to talk, I realized he hated his job, his parents and pretty much everything,” she said.

For law enforcement officials in Spokane, their eye isn’t seeing much of anything stemming specifically from online dating.

Whether that means Washington is inherently more unsafe than Idaho is in the eye of the beholder.

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