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They stopped production quickly after their introduction due to a patent infringement suit and a cease and desist warrant from Ludwig regarding Slingerland's foray into acrylic drums. Slingerland marching drums were produced as early as the 1920s.By the 1970s, the Slingerland line of marching equipment had become very popular in marching bands, colleges, and drum corps.After introducing the Magnum series in the late 1970s, Slingerland lost its footing, and the company folded.In the 1970s and 1980s, Slingerland changed ownership multiple times until it was acquired from Gretsch by the Gibson musical instruments company in 1994.

Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich were both Radio King endorsers.Here are some pics of the features that I used to age this thing.Unfortunatly the tension knob was missing when I got the drum but it is a 3 hole Rapid strainer. My Slingy snare with serial # 234706 Niles brass/black badge is a six lugger. the shell interior appears to be natural unpainted mahogany.Radio King bass drums and tom-toms were made from mahogany, with maple reinforcement hoops.These drums are known for their "thuddy" sound; very warm, with quick decay.

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The popularity of the old Slingerland Radio King snare drum is evidenced by a myriad of professional drummers who still use the snare in 2017, despite endorsing other brands.

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