Dating violence casualties newspaper articles

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Dating violence casualties newspaper articles

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Cllr Paul Tilsley, deputy leader of Birmingham City Council, said: 'We are appealing to people within the city to remain calm and allow the police and others to do their job in bringing these incidents under control.'To help achieve this it is important that as many people as possible leave the streets.

Note: Why was ABC the only major news source to report on this highly revealing story?

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A newly declassified document gives a fascinating glimpse into the US military's plans for "information operations".

Michelin starred restaurant The Ledbury, whose regular guests include Michael Winner, Kate Moss and Lily Allen, also came under attack as an estimated 100 masked youths ransacked the restaurant and robbed diners of their expensive jewellery and belongings.

News of the carnage first broke around 11pm on Twitter when twitter user @harrywilkinson tweeted about his parents' anniversary dinner being interrupted by looters in the exclusive Notting Hill restaurant - which was rated 34th in the Word's Best Restaurant list.

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