Dating women monroe washington

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Dating women monroe washington

Since childhood, she had been unable to cope with any form of rejection or criticism and, on a number of occasions, took pills in apparent suicide attempts.

The scars of Marilyn's past were visible to anyone who chose to look, and her impulsive and drug-fuelled behaviour repeated itself throughout all her relationships.Her first marriage, at the age of 16, had been to a neighbour's son, Jim Dougherty, whom she called, bizarrely, Daddy.In the early days of their marriage she told Jim she thought she was being followed, and she began to use threats of suicide to gain attention: 'If anything bad happens to our marriage,' she would warn him, 'I'll jump off a bridge, Daddy.' The marriage failed when Marilyn's photogenic potential was spotted and she was encouraged to try her luck in the ruthless Hollywood studio system.Marilyn had actually met Kennedy twice before, once when their flirtatiousness was noticed by onlookers, but she did not have a chance to speak to him in depth.Dinner was at eight, but at 9pm Marilyn was still sitting in front of her dressing-table mirror, putting the finishing touches to her make-up.

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" The book reports one unconfirmed episode where Monroe called the White House and spoke to Mrs Kennedy, telling her of the affair with her husband.