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There are several warnings here about using mktime() to determine a date difference because of daylight savings time.

However, nobody seems to have mentioned the other obvious problem, which is leap years.

A common mistake for Europeans seems to be to feed the date arguments in the expected order (big endian or little endian). It also treats 1900 as a leap year when it wasn't, thus there is an extra day which must be accounted for in PHP (and the rest of the world).

There are some years that are 366 days long, therefore you cannot say that there is a set number of seconds per year.If you ever had to 'fix' a time by calculating midnight to add the correct number of seconds, then you are doing it wrong.Luckily, knowing is not a requirement, because Date Time and friends exists, removing the complexity for you.By using date outputs inside mktime and adding or subtracting from them may be simpler than using other methods (string concatenations or timestamp values) and less prone to human calculations' errors. Please note, mktime requires an integer value, if you use date("H"), date("i"), date("s") as a value, which is actually have a leading zero, you may get "A non well formed numeric value encountered" notice.What's odd is that mktime doesn't seem to support every possible year number. so you need some tricks like this mktime( date("G"), intval(date("i")), intval(date("s"), date("n"), date("j"), date("Y") ) Since there are no minute & second without leading zero in the date function, we can use the intval() function or you can cast value type like this to force the value type.

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But if you're in a UTC -0500 time zone (such as EST in North America), the maximum accepted time before overflow (for older PHP versions on Windows) is 2038-01-18T-0500Z, regardless of whether you're passing it to mktime() or gmmktime().