Executive order consolodating government in emergency self consolidating concrete spread test

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Executive order consolodating government in emergency

Additionally, key management positions in the new department were taken from officers and given to newly hired civilian employees.

Those numbers would seem to prove the fulfillment of the money-saving promises made by the consolidation cheerleaders. According to Steve Conrad, current chief of the Glendale, Arizona, police and former assistant chief of police in Louisville, the savings they were promised never materialized.

In Salt Lake County, control right now belongs to an unelected and unaccountable board of directors that is driven not by a zeal for the fighting of crime or the well-being of officers, but by an obligation to mind the bottom line and keep the profit margin wide.

As the corporate president of this police corporation, he must ensure a profit is made for the company.

Sounds good, but the hypothetical doesn’t live up to the hype.

Take the story of Louisville, Kentucky, for example.

Another fiscal fact is that upfront costs are usually prohibitive.

It doesn’t take a CPA to realize that for the one-time cost of new branding, new uniforms, new vehicles, new training manuals, etc., a town could pay for its own police force for years.

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Beginning with a referendum in 2000, city administrators began singing the cost-saving serenade, and on January 6, 2003 city police merged with the unincorporated areas of Jefferson County.