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If they genuinely missed your message, or got it and didn’t get around to replying yet, being awful will also not help your cause.

So instead of something like “Why haven’t you replied to my messages?

If you’re already stressing about being into someone more than you think they’re into you, sending them a follow-up will only amplify your anxiety, and it won’t get you any closer to finding out how they feel. You never want to use a follow-up to guilt or bully someone into responding to you.

Sure, there’s a chance your date has been incommunicado because they’re not interested in seeing you again.

Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind: Also: if they didn’t give you their phone number, don’t text them.

Also also: If they didn’t give you their Twitter account, don’t tweet at them.

After running speeddating events for years, I noticed a couple of things.

We originally used to have 15 couples per event and host 4 events per month.

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If it’s someone you met online, or who is otherwise a complete stranger, the worst-case scenario is that you follow up and they don’t respond.

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