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But what sense does it make to pretend to cure a disease that is caused by a puncture would which may have the remotest possibility of containing Clostridium by giving the person another puncture wound that definitely contains Clostridium, or its byproducts?

It’s one thing to claim that the vaccine could confer immunity before the injury happened.

The ones that SOOooooo many children seem to be stepping on every year? Of course the gist of the story is that he was “unvaccinated”.

They didn’t want him to receive the 3 in 1 shot, but they were scared about tetanus, because he had stepped on a nail that day. Why do they have to receive diphtheria and pertussis too? Does stepping on a rusty nail really warrant a tetanus vaccine? I love one of the recent status on The Thinking Moms Revolution site the other day.

And this is my hypothetical question that I have always wanted answered: Why is it ok to give a child the tetanus vaccine (in the form of DTa P) at, say, their 1 year “well baby” visit, but only 2 weeks later, when they unexpectedly end up in the ER with an open would, the child is automatically given another tetanus booster (in the form of another DTa P)? One of the Thinking Moms (Tex) was interviewed on a radio show called: “Vaccine Myths” “Where are all the rusty nails?

In other words, to get sick with Tetanus, you must get the Clostridium tetani into your body, such as through the infamous example of stepping on a nail.

Then you must ensure that the wound does not get oxygenated (does not bleed and is not exposed to air) and you must ensure the bacterium multiplies enough to start a life cycle, because the toxins released when they die is what causes Tetanus symptoms. So if you step on a nail and you bleed, the Clostridium tetani cannot live.

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