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I have found a lot of healing my friendships with straight guys who accept me as I am and don’t feel threatened by my sexuality.They are willing to ask me hard questions and keep me accountable 4)In any marriage, it is perfectly normal for the precise level of desire and attraction to one’s spouse to fluctuate over time.if you fantasise sexually about other people or use pornography that is hardly going to help) but many of these factors are caused by external factors such as tiredness or stress.These seasons may not be anything to do with same-sex attraction.But if there is genuine sexual attraction between a man and a woman, the fact that one of them also experiences same-sex attraction shouldn’t necessarily be a barrier to them marrying.At the same time, don’t get too hung up on the same-sex attraction aspect of things.

If you aren’t attracted to someone, you shouldn’t marry them!We could tell it wasn’t a friendship anymore, because it now involved sexual attraction.6)Don’t get married to someone unless you are genuinely sexually attracted to them.The underlying problem in such cases is, ironically, that the church has failed to value sexual desire properly. If you are married, you are meant to be attracted to your husband or wife!Of course, our culture completely overestimates the significance of sexual attraction. Whilst sexual attraction is not the only or the most important factor in deciding whether to marry someone, it should certainly be one of the factors.

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So, there is all the difference in the world between someone who seeks to deny and suppress their ongoing same-sex attraction by getting married, and someone who is fully aware of and accepts it, but who also becomes attracted to and feels called to marry someone of the opposite sex.

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