Greco sg dating

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Greco sg dating

Most of the Ob G flametops are laminate, but there are some solid flametop guitars, these are extremely rare.

Orville by Gibson, Orville, and Greco were all mainly produced by Fugi-gen Gakki, although Terada was involved in the later Ob G's also Orville by Gibson were the Japanese manufactured Gibson Les Paul, fully approved and authorised by Gibson USA.Well here's my guitar blog, been wanting to get this up for a while and share my feelings on some of the gear I've picked up over the years and my thoughts about music and guitar playing in general .Here's my contribution to the Net, as a resource of information and I hope my postings will be informative. I have a very good friend who often calls "stuff" "Junk" and most if not all of my gear was attained from "Junk" shops..PU's: Neck: Tokai SDH Hot bridge- Dimarzio (not original) My Mods: New machine heads some Wilkinson EZ locks, 2 Knobs off an old amp, 2 graph-tech string trees and a re-fret (first time and I planning to redo it) My feelings: I love this guitar a lot and was surprised when I first plugged it in, I could get Les Paul type tones but of course with less sustain and I had the nice balance and light weight of a strat, often for me it comes down to the neck and overall feeling of the guitar, this one just felt and sounded great, the neck is smaller and has a slight radius and plays well (I have smaller hands and a lot of the guitars here in Japan have smaller necks so suits me just fine).I often want that fatter neck hum-bucking sound and had it here too and all that with a tremolo that pretty much stays in tune with the mods I did.

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2 humbuckers, 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 way switch, Jack positioned like a Les Paul, standard fender type tremolo.