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Hirens updating kaspersky

It appends additional IP/MAC related parameters used by UEFI 64 booting clients.

kernel_efi32: Variable containing the "TFTP path" to the asset's NBP (Network Boot Program) used by UEFI 32 booting clients.

append_efi32: Variable containing the asset NBP's command line parameters used by UEFI 32 booting clients.

ipappend_efi32: Optional variable containing "1","2", or "3" (w/o quotes).

In those cases the high degree of automation achieved is based on Microsoft's install distributions and PE executives standard format.

Linux file systems use case-sensitive file names, symbolic links, and other features supported by Rock Ridge but not supported by Joliet.

It appends additional IP/MAC related parameters used by UEFI 32 booting clients. 2.3.1 When creating Serva do not forget to include a correctly populated Description Header; it might look not really important when you deal with one or two non-Windows assets but when that number gets bigger or you are planning to share your Serva with colleagues or friends the extra effort always pays off.

2.3.2 Serva append_xxx variables will surely require some sort of Microsoft share, HTTP or FTP server access.

2.2.2 : It contains the variables required by Serva and the asset boot/install process itself.

asset: Variable containing the text that will be displayed on Serva's menu entry.

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2.4 In cases where an identical Serva is able to boot/install more than one particular asset flavor, architecture, or version, we must consecutively list all the tested distributions in Serva header for reference purposes.

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