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I had no opportunity to go and look for it so I just laid low…. You’re living with these people and words count for something.

Related: So THAT'S Why The Jonas Brothers Canceled The Tour Jonas also talked about his failed relationship with 'Twilight' star Ashley Greene, who he dated for a year, ending in 2011.

We’ve talked about it around the circle and it sounded like he just didn’t want anyone under the age of 30 to win the game. We kick things off with the one and only Edie Falco, who discusses the final scene of ’ Carice van Houten stopped by the studio to chat about why she keeps hitting on bastard sons of nobility, and alsotalks about what it was like filming that scene of giving birth to a weird shadow demon. (The Carice van Houten interview begins at .) You can listen to the whole podcast below. You can also download the entire podcast right here.

He just was wanting to play with an adult crowd, if that makes any sense.” On Dan’s treatment of Shirin: “Me and Dan never had a beef. Or, since we’re on i Tunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you. To send a question to the Inside TV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @Inside TVPodcast.

He explained the relationship by saying: "I was living out in L. by myself, and at the end of the day, long distance didn't work. I did a cover story with Details (magazine) acknowledging the relationship, and the day after it was on newsstands, we announced our breakup.

That was just coincidence, but it's funny how that always happens, right? We get each other."Related: Are the Jonas Brothers Breaking Up?

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She just kind of checked out mentally.…It sucked, because of course I wanted to be there. It was really frustrating.” On sharing his idol clue with Tyler instead of finding the idol himself first: “As soon as Tyler saw me, he didn’t blow me out of the water, so I was like, ‘Okay, maybe I can work with Tyler…and then I can use that against him against his own alliance’….