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While Friday was definitely a great day at the box office with the top 25 films making approximately M to last year’s M Black Friday, everything still came in a little lighter.

Industry estimates now see Disney/Pixar’s as a numerical comp which earned .8M over three and .7M over five.

But given how wild Black Friday is at the box office, and the current buzz for the film, which earned .45M yesterday, -1% from Tuesday for a running total of 2.3M.

Pic’s 5-day is at .6M with three day landing at .1M, -53%, which again, thanks to the holiday, bests the post-Easter drop of made M yesterday and is on course to do better than its opening in weekend two with an estimated M ( 5%) and a five-day of .9M.

comes in higher than the M spotted by its industry tracking, along with an A Cinema Score, and that’s proof alone that the last minute scandal with Pixar boss John Lasseter prior to the pic’s opening isn’t factoring into John Q public’s moviegoing decisions; it’s just too inside Hollywood baseball.

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Black Friday was 105% over Thanksgiving’s $35.1M this year.