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Gentrification in Logan Circle has resulted in a dramatic change of neighborhood demographics; since the 1990s, thousands of white young adults have moved into the neighborhood, while thousands of black adults have been forced to move out of the neighborhood.

The Logan Circle neighborhood, situated between the Dupont Circle and Shaw neighborhoods, is bordered by S Street to the north, 10th Street to the east, 16th Street to the west, and M Street to the south.

The end of segregation saw a period of middle class flight from the area, punctuated by the 1968 Washington, D. riots, which devastated the 14th Street commercial corridor.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Logan Circle, although dominated by Victorian homes which had survived mostly untouched by redevelopment or riots, was considered by many unsafe due to overt drug use and prostitution that existed in the neighborhood.

During this period, property values in the area increased, while issues of homelessness in the area came to the forefront; 14th Street, NW became widely viewed as Washington's red light district. The commercial corridors along 14th Street and P Street underwent significant revitalization, and are now home to a variety of retailers, restaurants, art galleries, live theater, and nightlife venues such as Number Nine, a gay bar catering to the neighborhood's large LGBT population.

A watershed event in the development of the neighborhood was the opening of a Whole Foods Market two blocks from Logan Circle in December 2000, on a site previously occupied by an abandoned service garage; it is now one of the chain's highest grossing markets.

Just Jared also quoted an insider saying, “They’re still friends and work together almost every day.

The traffic circle is the intersection of 13th Street, P Street, Rhode Island Avenue, and Vermont Avenue.

The National Park Service maintains the land located within the traffic circle, a park measuring 360 feet (110 m) in diameter, furnished with wooden benches, decorative lampposts, an iron fence, and concrete sidewalks.

Lonely Hearts Season : 4 Episode: 9 Directed by: John Peters Written by: Liz W.

Garcia Production Number: Airdate: November 19, 2006 Date of Crime: April 1989 Previous: Fireflies Next: Forever Blue External Links IMDB Site When a homely thirty three year old woman was gunned down in an alley in 1989, her death was shrouded in mystery.

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C., and became known as an area for auto showrooms.

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  1. In my opinon, he has relapsed worse than any of the A's that never admitted it. He's my husband now - he has a little more than 2 years of sobriety. After I got out of my marriage to an alcoholic, I swore I wouldn't date any more alcoholics. He's my husband now, and it amazes me to see what his HP has done for him one day at a time. HOWEVER, in thinking about entering a new relationship, I'd like to think I'd be able to act logically and use my head and not my heart.