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Once the eagles arrived, the stadium site was moved to the south. Before the eagles arrived, Berry College officials had planned to build a stadium in the area.It’s an app for video chatting with friends that the company is calling a "synchronous social network" — a place to be together even when you’re apart.Built under a pseudonym for 10 months, the app for Android and i OS has been gaining traction among young people around the country — and it’s closing in on 1 million users.Gender: The male eagle is smaller and has a sleek white head. Owl attack: The mother eagle was attacked in the nest on Feb.The female eagle is larger with a head of ruffled white feathers. 18, 2014, by a Great Horned Owl, but did not appear to be injured.Then the idea of spontaneous togetherness seemed to spontaneously combust.Twitter blocked Meerkat’s access to its social graph and released a significantly more polished live-streaming app of its own, Periscope, within weeks.

The company quickly raised million in new funding from investors who thought it could be the next major social platform.The 2013 eaglets were B1 and B2, the 2014 eaglet was B3, the 2015 eaglets were B4 and B5, the 2016 eaglets were B6 and B7 and the 2017 eaglets were B8 and B9. They have occasionally been sighted at or near the nest during the summer, probably to ensure that other animals know it is occupied.Egg stats: In 2013, two eggs hatched (B1 and B2.) B1 fledged on April 22 and B2 fledged on April 28. What if you could turn your i Message group chat conversations into actual group video chat parties? Fam is the first-ever live group video app built inside i Message.By tapping Fam from your i Message App Keyboard, Fam turns any i Message chat/group chat into a live group video chat room, where an unlimited number of friends can see each other in one screen in the actual i Message group chat.

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In 2014, two eggs were laid, but only one (B3) hatched on Feb.

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