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Sri Lankan dictators will pay for what they have been doing to the Tamils for the last 50 years or so.If Srilanka has nothing to hide why not allow media and independent UN monitors?The result means that the entire group is now wide open and the last two league games are knock-outs. We continue to receive fiery and opinionated responses to the unrest in Sri Lanka on our blog.

Shame on all those who talk about human rights etc....

they are killing all teenage boys and girls UNO never take action because Bankimoon buddist..srilanka government used chemical veapons.

to be direct , i feel all the world leaders particularly INDIA try to ignore or pretending like pressing the sinhalese goverment to stop killing innocent people at sri lanka.

but one thing for sure the cycle of karma will be taking turn soon for the sinhalese and retribute them for sure.

' War on terrorism" is an old chapter from the book ' Bush Doctrine'.

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