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People seemed to loose all sense of sanity during this time of year; they literally fought over every last scrap of toy on the shelves.Unfortunately, she was obligated to make this trip, every year, for at least a few more years.As far as costumes went, it wasn't the greatest, but it was functional.He obviously was not a fat man, and he didn't have any real facial hair, but he did have the fake beard, and the wire-rimmed glasses, and the hat with the white hair, and the padding in the suit.

Lauren coaxed her, trying to encourage her, slowly walking her up to the big man in the red suit himself.As if they had to make up for the weather by assuring everyone Christmas was still on its way.She despised going to the mall at any given point in her life, but she especially detested it during the Christmas season.They stood in line for what seemed like hours to Lauren, though Katie managed to keep up all the interesting chit-chat a 4-year-old manages to come up with.It amazed Lauren the things she noticed, sometimes; things Lauren took for granted, or didn't care to pay enough attention to.

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It was 75 degrees outside, and the only indication Christmas was around the corner was the festive decorations that seemed to balloon up overnight in all the stores.

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