Louie sex chat forums

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Louie sex chat forums

They'll enter high school with all their guy buddies and guys being guys, they'll probably just fuck each other instead of wasting time knowing chicks. OH NO WAIT SORRY, GAYNESS IS 100% GENETIC SO THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN sorry Pretty sure the Japanese already have a bunch of cartoons on different sexual tendencies already widely circulated (LGBT respectively).

And with most things Japanese, it's only a matter of time before it hits the US..... I dont think that situation will happen before the fall of the US (oh it'll happen eventually).

So obviously there will come a time when kid cartoons will be made...

:o Well in our society kids all stay apart, but imagine the sky-rocketing rate of teen sex if kids were brought up thinking it's alright to fuck anyone.

So obviously there will come a time when kid cartoons will be made... Imagine if, in the Transformers movie, Spike's son had been adopted by Spike and his gay lover, the nerdy guy in the wheelchair. Seriously, this is 50 shades of creepy, right there : O But imagine if, in the future, cartoons were like that.

:o In the meantime let's just think of more examples from kid shows.

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I think the more recent event was with Postcards from Buster (the bunny from Arthur has his own spinoff)-- And he showed a lesbian couple. I never thought I would see the day that Louis Anderson would populate my contrived flippance. -Thanks Louie Anderson fans for your support · reneesimpson ... [ a cloud of smoke rises from under the desk, as Louie Anderson magically appears ...Well I would be curious about how all the big religious people would react to that.Any mention of being gay, and children in the same sentence sends out the religious community with torches and pitchforks, so unless somebody convinces people that religion and the beliefs associated with religion is a big waste of time, you'll never see that happen. If you're pretending that you would find it perfectly nomal to see Prince Adam get a kiss on the cheek from Man-Teela or Link trying to get Man-Zelda to kiss him in a cartoon today, then you're a big fat liar.

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And, from what I can tell, it wasn't like they were carpet munching and kissing.

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