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The group take a trip to Saint Tropez, and Jamie introduces old friend Andy who shows his interest in wanting to hook up with Louise.

Despite recent problems, Spencer announces that him and Louise are still in a solid relationship but he’s not happy when he finds out that Andy has tried it on with her.

Following her kiss with Jamie, Binky is left disappointed when he doesn’t call.

Spencer continues to make an effort with Andy as he invites him and the boys to play volleyball in Brighton, and Millie welcomes old friend Sophia back to London where she reveals she has a history with both Francis and Spencer.

'I feel like we’re in that Titanic film,' she says, beaming from ear-to-ear. 'When you go back to Ghana we have to stay in touch,' she says.

Although disappointed, Sophia went to the party alone – or so she thought.Toff does look utterly angelic though in this high neck lace dress with its delicate hatching details.It's by Jarlo so if you have a posh do coming up, follow the link to the right to buy it now from ASOS.After recently splitting up with her boyfriend, Gabriella gets close to Ollie again leaving Cheska worried as to whether the estranged couple will reunite.Binky is still left confused by Jamie as he refuses to make any effort with her.

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But in true Chelsea style at the same time Sophia decided it was Francis she wanted and dumped Proudlock and headed to Francis’ house.