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More than that, though, a TS will determine whether a deployment requires formatting and disk partitioning or whether it's being performed as an in-place upgrade—all through a series of interconnected scripts managed through MDT. Right-click Task Sequences and select New Task Sequence from the context menu (Figure N).Items highlighted with an exclamation point are required.Upon adding your required Operating systems, applications, drivers, etc. This process will make sure that all the latest tools and settings are copied to the deployment share.You will need to do this every time you make some changes to the image, add/remove applications within MDT 2013 so it will be updated.

Once it's done, your new OS will be imported into MDT and you're one step closer to deployment (Figure G).

article I wrote on how to install and configure WDS, install and configure MDT 2013.

Now that we have installed and configured MDT 2013, lets see on how to import an operating system (Windows 8.1) image to the MDT Deployment Share we created, how to create a task sequence within MDT 2013 and finally we will look at how to configure WDS to respond to client PXE boot requests.

Newer OSes tend to contain updated drivers for some devices; however, not all devices may be supported natively.

When this occurs, visit the manufacturer's website to obtain the latest supported drivers for your device(s) and import them into MDT.

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A wizard will appear to guide you through the import process.