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Prince’s staff had cured one headache by providing a black-and-white outfit that would match the evening’s decor.”I was real worried about what I was going to wear,” says Barber. That’s how it happened for Lisa Barber, 20, a Sheridan, Wyo. Well, sorry to break the news, honey, but you’ll be long gone before Prince gets here. Basically, he’s an easy-going guy.” Says Lisa Coleman, keyboardist with Prince’s band, the Revolution, ”He’s so consumed by what he’s doing that sometimes he has not noticed what is happening to his public image.motel chambermaid who last month dialed an MTV contest number and, by being the 10,000th caller, won a date with Prince and the opportunity to have his much-hyped new movie, , premiered in her hometown. He realizes it now.” The other reason Prince is courting publicity is that as , may be seen as a fluke.Her guy pulled up, 15 minutes late, at the wheel of a white Buick convertible with personalized license plates that read LOVE. Preceded by Sheridan’s female riding troupe, the Equestri-Annettes, and trailed by a posse of costumed cowboys, the couple cruised to the Centennial Twin theater, where 800 enthusiastic but inexpert stargazers waited.Eschewing the gravel driveway, he vaulted over a chain-link fence and knocked on the door. Singer Joni Mitchell entered unnoticed; crooner Ray Parker Jr., a newspaper reported, was misidentified by some as Lionel Richie.He said, ‘If I had a phone in here, I’d call him.’ ” At , she says, ”I told him I liked the movie. But I didn’t really figure out what was going on.” The next day, when , at least, pointed out that Prince’s principal draw isn’t his dramatic skill: ”Fewer people saw (Purple) Rain for the acting than saw Old Yeller for the sex.” In its first weekend, the film grossed .1 million – about the same as Walt Disney’s new movie That was in the future, however, and there was still joy in Sheridan as the movie crowd spilled out of the theater and into a party at the Holiday Inn. Prince climbed onto a specially built stage and unleashed 45 minutes of radioactive funk.(Prince’s co-star and sidekick) Jerome Benton asked me if I liked to fish but I told him ‘No way.’ ” And how did the all-important Sheridan critics react to Under the ? ”He’s incredible,” said a surprised Lillie Belle Johnson, 66.

If Prince wants to help me, that’s fine.” A third recalled that when he first learned of Prince’s impending arrival, it set him to thinking about a visit Queen Elizabeth made to Sheridan in 1984 to look at equestrian stock: ”I told my wife, ‘This is real nice.

”He is very conscious of his reputation, and I think he’s making an effort to turn it around.

”He’s perceived by the media as a bad boy, a rude boy,” says his friend and protégée, singer Sheila E.

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De Bolt, who takes every opportunity to plug Sheridan’s tourist attractions (hunting and fishing) and neighborly life-style (”I think we had a thief here — once”), was delighted with the hoopla.

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