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Propofol beyond use dating

aspartame, nutrasweet (diet sodas, etc.) maybe also caffeine, alcohol also: meat and dairy products unless organic probably contain significant amounts of estrogen hormones, so can be just as bad as the soy products hope that this information helps.if i were you i would try a paleolithic diet to detox and then remove or reduce the frequency of any of the foods that seem to cause you problems. Well, I have recently cut soy out of my diet since I discovered I have hypothyroidism.

Sometimes I wonder if I just have had a food allergy to these things all my life! I then thought about looking into the possible side effects of food additives, as I linked the start of her siezures to around the time her diet started to change, (with her going to nursery ect I had less control over what she ate) I also made the desition to stop the esothuxomide. Also be highly suspicious of all processed and prepared foods, as MSG is hidden in many different forms.

NO soy, wheat , gluten, legumes or beans or asparatate/glutamate rich foods. I will definetly start by doing this organic/less processed diet. You can start out eating one a day (banana) and see where it gets you.

We are still tweaking it and finding her perfect balance but she is 90% better the last three years. email harvester Hi, I'm a 62 year old man & I have had noctunal seizures all my life(approx. Soy and gluten free will help my hypothyroidism as well so I should do it. It has really helped me decrease the number of my seizures (although the idea of potassium rich fruits and vegetables was brough to me by a paramedic friend of mine and not my neurologist.) I wouldn't go as far as getting potassium vitamins since too much potassium can cause seizures as well and it would take several bananas to result in this and they also have neutralizing vitamins in them making it less likely.

There was also a guy out there who recommends cutting out 4 things: gluten, soy, corn, and dairy (also legumes & peanuts! He says you can gradually introduce them later, but try to limit your consumption of them. -Meow maybe sugar can have something to do or just plain junk food?? Also look into estrogen blocking foods and the great lists available there, I don't know what we would have done if we had not found that information. When I eat high quality Finnish sausage I get them really really bad and I have no idea why must be something in the seasonings because I have been tested for the major allergies but everytime I eat them massive episode so my husband won't let me anymore. Eating these things make you feel better for a while, and used to be recommended to hypothroid sufferers, because it causes the thyroid to grow in an attempt to help itself (e.i. I had *alot* of seizures in that time frame despite being pumped with a new drug through IV, Dilantin, so I'm skeptical that hypothryoidism can't at least aggravate epilepsy. I CUT OUT SOY A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO BECAUSE IT ALSO CAUSES SHHHHHHHH GAS! NOW WHEN I SMELL A SODA, IT SMELLS LIKE SOMETHING THAT BELONGS IN THE TRANSMISSION OF A CAR. I HAD RESEARCHED THE THYROID AND SEIZURES A LONG TIME AGO.

Years ago a gal told me her son had seizures cause of what her doc thought was too much sugar. Fish in certain areas have high mercury readings cause of all the junk we have dump into the oceans and lakes. D –The Glutamate-Aspartate Restricted Diet which is an elimination diet, specifying definite foods (which includes food products and ingredients) that must be avoided. We were at our wits end and feeling hopeless, I was severely stressed and she had little quality of life. There wasn't MSG in mine but that is surely used in restaurants and loads of people have bad reactions to it. I've never considered sugar, however I was in the emergency room again yesterday (picked up from a RESTAURANT! BROCCOLI IS ONE OF THE FEW VEGATABLES I AM NOT ALLERGIC TO. GUESS I WILL JUST STICK TO BEANS AND MORE BEANS..... YOU BETTER START PAYING ATTENTION TO THAT SUGAR INTAKE, MISSY! I WISH I HAD KEPT THAT INFO SO I COULD GIVE IT TO YOU. JAN I can tell you from a medical stand point since I am a Registered Nurse at the hospital and I am specializing in neurology as I progress to get my Bachelor's degree in Nursing.

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