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Psychologically intimidating questions

Definitions of bullying: What's the difference between bullying, harassment and assault? Pre-existing definitions, some of which helped us formulate the above, are here: Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behaviour, abuse of power, or unfair punishment which upsets, threatens and/or humiliates the recipient(s), undermining their self-confidence, reputation and ability to perform.

Different types of workplace bullying The difference between bullying and harassment Why Me?It helps if the bully's superiors and peers are also bullies, or if they are so naive that bullying by this person is literally unthinkable, or they're scared of the consequences of crossing the bully.Whatever the underlying reasons, the legitimate authority that comes with a job works to protect bullies from comeback, because their peers and subordinates, HR & legal departments and other bystanders, more often than not, blindly respect the legitimacy of the "master-servant" relationship.When considering the reasonableness of the conduct in question, the perpetrator can be expected to give an innocent reason for their actions.However, their claimed intention does not define the reasonableness of their conduct: The prime consideration must be the effect of the conduct on the recipient. The persistence, the pattern and the effect of incidents which are, in isolation, trivial, creates the context in which those incidents can be regarded as bullying.

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This includes behavior designed to belittle others via humiliation, sarcasm, rudeness, overworking an employee, threats, and violence.

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