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Chief Inspector Juan Carlos Rebello, who led police in the COG raids, said "we found evidence suggesting that the Family was funded by influential businessmen worldwide." One Argentine magazine found that some financial supporters of the cult were "well-known and powerful people, and pondered whether Berg's disturbed mental state "is being exploited by a network of powerful people to sexually control an army of children." Julia Berry, the prophet's own kin, has said that it was her "privilege" to be paired sexually with "very important men - men from the government." The Children of God, she said, "always had very powerful friends.... The children's chorus gave us an image of purity and innocence.

It was a seduction."According to the Washington Post for June 2, 1993, "the Family's leadership follows a policy of lying to outsiders, is steeped in a history of sexual deviance and has even meddled in Third World politics." Edward Probe, a Canadian who once edited Family publications, worked in the Philippines from 1986 to '88.

The Family, according to David Hubert, a former member, contends that sexual evangelizing was used to curry political favor.

"They would target special people," he told the Washington Post, "in the media, lawyers, in the government."The guiding inner-circle of the Family is known as the Royal Family, and blue-bloods have in fact been sought out by Berg.

Police confiscated videos and magazines of children engaged in sex acts with adults.

Also seized was a book for children, The Life of Little David, a Bible parody and tale of sexual initiation as told by "Sister Sarah." In one home video, naked young girls danced with silk scarves.

After I left the group and complained to the police, I received many death threats."The Times of London reported on September 3 that video tapes seized by police - and broadcast on Argentina's nightly news - depicted "abhorrent Satanistic acts ...

in uncensored extracts of the videos after late-night news programs on Wednesday."David "Moses" Berg, founder of Children of God, opened the door to esoteric religions and promiscuity in the 1970s, when in a letter to disciples he endorsed spiritism, witchcraft and astrology, according to W.

The London Times reported that the children were "living in compartmented cells and answered questions like automatons.

Political martyrdom was a fundamental teaching of Moses Burg, the reclusive "prophet" who foretold the coming of the Anti-Christ in the form of a powerful dictator and the ascension of a One World Government.

This, of course, is far-right religious programming - the same dogma (gospel? The cult's disavowals were echoed by Daniel Mujica, president of Argentina's Superior Council of Catholic Education, who said the allegations were inflated by the press.

"The operated in a military fashion," Gabutti said, "looked and acted military.

The security measures taken by the sect are incredible.

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