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Roy Chiu was recently in mainland China to promote his upcoming movie, LANG MAN TIAN JIANG (浪漫天降), which is actually his first feature-length film ever in the mainland Chinese market. Sina: Have you set a time limit for when you must get married? I feel that marriage is something that is based on fate. Sina: You’re good-looking and you have a lot of fans. Lately, she hasn’t arranged any dates for me, but she will send hints to me, for example, telling me that someone or other is getting married.

First, I have been “so called” busy with work and second, my weekend always passes by before I know it.. My favorite character is not the leading character (Wei Zi Fu).. She looks very royalty in this series and I love how she can handle every situation.. The Legend of Mi Yue I have a thing about ancient period Chinese Drama which tells a story about life in the palace.. For Legend of Mi Yue, it’s not good but it’s not so bad either.. I have been back and forth about whether or not to watch this drama. A Endless Love I have been wanting to search something similar with Sealed with a Kiss.. Overall, I totally recommend EVERYONE on earth to watch Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser, especially if you are able to understand Mandarin.. affection Airlines ariel lin barbie hsu BBJX bed scene betrayal blackberry broken heart bruno mars Bu Bu Jing Qing Bu Bu Jing Xin Cecilia Liu Childhood chinese drama Chris Wu closure depression drama drama rating ex boyfriend expression First Class flowers friends friendship frustration GA Garuda Indonesia grateful grief handphone huang xiao ming i love you i Phone joe cheng Kim Soo Hyun korean drama letter like Liu Shi Shi love love expression love from another star love letter love scene love song love story lust miller fisher miss mobile phone mother NIcky Wu Nokia novel peter ho phobia Qing Dynasti relationship Roy Chiu Ruby Go!

When news reporters asked him about it, he supposedly admitted that the photo was his "good luck charm" and he does have a "crush" on Tang Yan, but they're not dating. Though I still wouldn't watch the whole thing without the power of "Fast-Fowarding." Another plus is an absolutely, STUNNINGLY HANDSOME Roy Qiu in his nicely tailored suits.

I always heard about Roy Qiu, but never actually watched any of his series before Waking Up Love.

I don’t have any predispositions about her being in or outside of the industry either.

Is this a reason you did not go public with your relationship before? I feel that going public or not is a consensus between two table. Sina: So that year, why didn’t you and Tang Yan go public with your relationship? I hope I can shed that image and act out, for example, a murderer or be in a war film.

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