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Rusia dating space

Nevertheless, it could be a sign of things to come in the near future.

SOUTHCOM’s mission is not a major priority for the U. government and, given tensions in other areas, it may not be farfetched to predict a reduction of U. military personnel deployed to its bases in Honduras, El Salvador or even the closure of either the base in Aruba or Curacao.

For example, the Nicaraguan government has stated that, while it seeks closer military cooperation with Moscow, a Russian military base in that Central American country is out of the question.[28] As for Cuba, the Castro government has not given any indication so far that this could be a possibility since it is unlikely that Washington would tolerate this. “Australia-Based US Radar to Watch China Launches.” / Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Certainly, arms sales and other types of military cooperation will continue, but a Russian military base remains unlikely.

While military technology is constantly evolving, the need for military outposts remains important, both for military requirements as well as for geopolitical reasons.

A Russian base in Nicaragua would have as neighbor the U. Finally, a base in Venezuela would be next to Brazil, the regional powerhouse with its own geopolitical ambitions, and Colombia, which receives copious amounts of U. Countries such as Venezuela and Ecuador, as well as Brazil, declared their aversion to the agreement, arguing that it would render Colombia a “NATO beachhead” in Latin America and that the Atlantic Alliance would create a base in Colombia.[37] (For the record, the Colombia-NATO agreement did not include the possibility of NATO military deployment to Colombia, but this did not deter suspicions over the agreement).

Final Thoughts The closure of a radar base in Antigua and Barbuda has largely gone unnoticed in Washington. “Washington looks to cement its Military Presence in Central America by emphasizing its ties to Honduras.” Council on Hemispheric Affairs.

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With that said, a full closure of these bases will most likely not happen either as it is important for the U. to have a minimal presence in the region in order to have the means to crack down on transnational crimes like drug trafficking, along with maintaining an ever-watchful eye on the region. Available: [3] Joint Task Force Bravo- Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras. “IASA quiere consecion de Palmerola por 30 años.” El Heraldo (Honduras).

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