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Sanaa dating

If Carlotta Kohl didn’t exist, I might have thought that Lorde and Jack were actually a thing.For now, I’m pretty sure they’re just work besties.Phrases like 'impress me' are also a major turn-off, according to members on the forum - causing any potential matches to immediately swipe left.Claiming that you're 'not like other girls' is also unlikely to win anyone over, nor is stating the obvious with phrases like 'loves to laugh'.

When Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham broke up, I casually mentioned that my friend predicted that Jack would date Lorde next.The discussion began on Reddit after user Rey Rex posed the question: 'What dating profile phrase immediately loses you?' Many shared cliches commonly seen on dating apps, including 'I love to laugh', 'Wanderlust' and 'Good/ positive vibes only'.At the time, it was just a Hail Mary for the Gossip Genie.Since then, every time Lorde and Jack are in the same frame or headline, someone emails or tweets me like it’s a smoking gun.

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