Sedating a dog at home

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Sedating a dog at home

If inhalant anesthesia is chosen, a breathing tube is inserted into the patient’s main airway (or sometimes an anesthetic mask is placed over the mouth and nose) and connected to a machine that delivers a carefully calculated mixture of oxygen and inhalant anesthetic.The patient inhales this mixture until the procedure is completed and the patient is permitted to awaken.

This process is generally not necessary for local anesthesia.

This helps relax the patient so that the rest of the induction activities can proceed.

During this time, an intravenous catheter may be placed to begin administration of intravenous fluids.

If a dog has an injury that is too painful to be examined while the dog is awake, anesthesia may be the best way to facilitate a thorough examination.

Additional procedures, such as placing a splint or cast on a broken leg, taking x-rays of a painful injury, or cleaning and dressing a serious wound can frequently be accomplished more efficiently if the patient is under anesthesia.

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This is a common practice before performing an elective surgical procedure such as a dental cleaning, spay surgery, or castration surgery..

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