Service pack 3 not updating

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Service pack 3 not updating

Once you do that, it looks like you are good to go.

I went was able to get Microsoft Fix 50777 which got me the Custom and Express options for the updates. Hopefully it'll be like what redwolfe_98 said about running for about 40 minutes. I did this and in about 20 minutes WU actually worked..

the last time that i did this, which was a few days ago, the scanning-for-updates took 42 minutes before i finally was prompted to install any updates..after having installed the "activex-control", when you scan for updates, at the "microsoft update" webpage, you are initially prompted to install 2 updates (assuming that "windows xpsp3" is already installed)..

one is "WGA", the "windows genuine advantage" tool..

at least for us who are still using "windows xp", the "windows update"/"microsoft update" websites, and everything else with "windows updates", is all screwed how i managed to work around the problems, when trying to install the windows-updates on a computer that has a fresh install of windows xp on it..i am going to try to be direct, just posting the steps, in order to keep my post short..first of all, to install the windows-updates, go to the "" webpage as opposed to going the "windows update" a link for the "microsoft update" webpage:» ln=en-usstep 1: enable windows automatic updates, if it is disabled..

the windows update/microsoft update webpages will not allow access unless windows "automatic updates" is turned on.2: at the "" webpage (not the "windows update" webpage), when you initially click the button to install the updates, you are prompted to install an activex-control..

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